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Retired Air Force Capt. Robert Collins spoke with George Knapp about his investigations into UFOs, ETs, MJ-12 and government knowledge.

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1988 UFO Cover Up Live ★ Mike Farrell Interview Project Blue Book TV Show ♦ TV UFO Investigation YouTube Playlist (Full Video Documentary)
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UFO TV Broadcast 1988 – Most Compelling UFO Evidence
A large crack appeared in the stonewalling of high strangeness on October 14, 1988. on that date, there was a semi-official admission of extra-terrestrial intervention in human affairs, in the guise of a two-hour TV special entitled UFO COVER-UP?… LIVE! Participation by US and Soviet officials was so extensive that the broadcast could not have occurred without the consent of both governments.

Alien Documentary Full – UFO Cover Up Live 1988
The program was presented to the public simultaneously in the United States and the Soviet Union, the first time in history that any TV program had received such preferential treatment.

Project Blue Book TV Show Documentary Full
However, in spite of this clearly implied US-USSR seal of approval (or perhaps because of it?) the program contained a clever mix of information and disinformation.

Government UFO Coverup
The valid information was that we are not alone, and that the government has made a hitherto secret agreement with short gray humanoids – the “Grays” – who say they are from Zeta Reticuli.

UFO Cover Up Documentary
Although it was not specifically stated that the Grays were the only ET group our government has made contact with, that implication was made.

Mike Farrell Interview
The case of contactee Eduard “Billy” Meier in Switzerland, which Mike Farrell stigmatized as “an obvious hoax,” is not without its ambiguities, absurdities and contradictions.

Project Blue Book TV Show
The most astonishing UFO TV Broadcast aired since 1988, on October 14, 1988, with Mike Farrell as the host, had all the ingredients of a blockbuster.

☆ A Russian scientist, revealing that aliens have landed in Russia and contacted their military personnel.

☆ Two CIA agents, identities disguised, revealing that extra-terrestrial aliens are now the “guests” of the US government.

☆ About 100 residents of Gulf Breeze, Florida, who have witnessed and photographed the extensive UFO activity in their hometown.

☆ Abductees telling their own stories under hypnosis.

☆ Expert witnesses from the military saying that sightings they reported while in service “disappeared” from the records.

☆ A psychiatrist reporting that abductees she has treated were sane and suffering from trauma as a result of their contact with aliens.

☆ Evidence by investigators of crashed UFO sites. – Close Encounters

☆ Budd Hopkins, who has investigated hundreds of abductee cases for over 12 years, that genetic experiments are being performed by aliens on humans on a large scale.

☆ Other witnesses, each expert in his /her own field, testifying to the validity of photographic or other tangible documentation of UFOs. – UFO Case Files

☆ Paintings of aliens drawn by artists from the testimony of witnesses. – Alien Case Files

Documentary UFO Full
UFO COVER-UP?… LIVE! hosted by Mike Farrell, implied that Uncle Sam had made a smart deal.

Majestic 12 Documentary
✔ The Majestic Documents

✔ The Majestic Project

✔ Project Jehovah

✔ Pentagon Aliens

✔ Secret Government Technology

MJ-12 TOP SECRET/MAJIC Majestic 12 documents.

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