25 Of The Most Famous UFO Sightings On Record


Whether you’re a die hard aliens-are-real-and-they-want-to-kill-us-all conspiracy theorist or you think that the closest we’ll ever get to meeting extra terrestrials is shaking hands with Dennis Rodman, in the most objective sense possible these are 25 of the most famous UFO sightings on record.


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Here’s a preview:

Greifswald Lights, East Germany (1990)
Warrenton Sighting, South Africa (1994)
Warden Sighting, South Africa (2000)
Kolkata Sighting, India (2007)
Vancouver Sighting, Canada (2011)
Captain William Schnaffner Incident, North Sea (1970)
Berwyn Mountains, Wales (1974)
Yeni Kent Compound, Turkey (2008)
Belgium Wave (1989-1990)
Lubbock Lights, Texas (1951)
Tehran UFO Incident, Iran (1976)
Jimmy Carter Sighting (1969)
Sao Paulo Sighting, Brazil (1986)
Carson Sink Incident, Nevada (1952)
Lonnie Zamora UFO Sighting, New Mexico (1964)
Westall Encounter, Australia (1966)
Maury Island Incident, Washington (1947)
Shag Harbor, Canada (1967)
Levelland Case, Texas (1967)
Clyde W. Tombaugh Sighting, New Mexico (1949)
Rendlesham Forest Lights, England (1980)
The Hill Abduction, New Hampshire (1961)
Washington, D.C. Sighting, 1952
Kenneth Arnold Case, Washington (1947)
Roswell, 1947

Date: August 18, 2015

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