Alien abduction and UFO filmed secretly


Was a Possible UFO and Alien Abduction Secretly Filmed?
by Michael Cohen

Posted: 01:38 December 24, 2009

This astonishing UFO video (above) was sent to us by a reader. It allegedly shows a UFO that has landed on Earth as well as a series of very clear images of what appear to be aliens of the ‘Grey’ variety. The aliens appear to be walking to and from the flying saucer, seemingly on some sort of research mission. Some appear to be wearing some form of space suits or clothing and others appear to be naked. The video might also show the dimmed interior of a UFO and an actual abduction, making the footage, arguably, a world first.

The location of this UFO event is unknown but it is believed by the reader to have taken place at some sort of secret installation in North America. One can hear screams of what might be terrified human beings, possibly abducted by the aliens, and made to board the UFO for some sort of experimentation. What might be alien speech can also be heard as well as the sounds of possible UFO instrumentation.

Was this footage taken in secret at some sort of joint Government and alien installation and smuggled out by an employee? Of more serious concern for researchers, perhaps, is the identity of the humans, apparently screaming in fear. It has long been alleged that by some UFO researchers that humans are indeed abducted and even farmed to be used by aliens for scientific purposes.

It seems that whoever filmed this has not come forward, possibly due to concerns for their safety.

Could this video be real and therefore solid proof of extraterrestrial visitation?

All News Web is appealing to readers who might know more about this astonishing UFO footage. Some readers might find the images and sounds in this video disturbing.

Date: August 17, 2015

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