Alien Abduction Attempt


This is alien abduction footage recorded on a Mexican teenager’s mobile phone. Two teenagers were playing with a soccer/foot ball and were recorded by their friend teenager’s mobile phone. When one of the friend misses the heada of the ball, he goes to retrieve it. Suddenly, from behind a lightpole, an long arm extends and grabs the boy. the teenager wriggles free and runs back to his friends. The alien does not move from it’s current position from behind the pole. You can see it’s head poke out.

I believe that this alien abduction attempt footage is legit and authentic, as it ccan clearly be seen that the long skinny arm that extends cannot be human and the fact that it can hide behind a lightpole wiithout any of it’s body seen which is also something not many can achieve. Thi is only my opinion and I am open to suggestions and other opinions.

Date: August 17, 2015

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