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24 July 2013, Alien Abductions, Why Are They Taking People? Mike Clelland,

Vinny’s NUTShell: Mike Clelland
Decades after experiencing his own UFO abduction in the 70’s as a boy and not realizing it, the topic became more well known and as reports came out surrounding the anomalous experience of “losing time” that 2 hour gap that meant he missed his favorite TV show suddenly meant something!
The UFO community are often a very serious bunch, sometimes paranoid, now with the advent of the internet the amount of first hand information available to researchers has allowed for a growth in the body of knowledge humanity now has about aliens, implants, abductions and US Government knowledge about it that is often covered up, or the subject of masterful disinformation campaigns. How many UFO sightings are actually classified military aircraft?
Is the Alien agenda entirely a physical one? Or is there an element of spirituality? Different dimensions? Angels and Demons? And what’s with so many of the abductees claiming they saw a 4 foot owl before getting taken?

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Date: August 17, 2015

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