Alien Abduction (Fourth Kind) – Police Dashcam Footage


I recently watched an old film “The Fourth Kind” which for those who have not seen the show is based on a true story about an Alaskan town that have had a number of unexplained disappearances.

One of the featured footage that came from a police dash cam shows, if you look at the skyline near the roof of the house in the footage a massive silhouette of a saucer shape craft approaching the house before a massive electromagnetic interference of the area disrupts the footage. You can however still hear the police patrol man describing what he sees as he calls for backup from HQ.

I am cannot fathom why a policeman would record a fake footage while on patrol. To produce a footage like this would require some elaborate editing, as the footage is very realistic, with no cuts during the recording from the dash cam.

So you decide…real or fake ?

It certainly raised my interest, and my aim is to bring it to the attention of others who are not aware, so that their curiosity like mine can be satisfied with the Answers Unknown 🙂

Date: August 17, 2015

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