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Tuesday Aug. 19, 2014 (August 19, 2014) 8/19/2014

Prof. David M. Jacobs, spoke about his decades long research into the Alien abduction phenomenon, and the conclusions he’s drawn. He outlined his early interest in UFO sightings, and how he focused on Alien abductions after he met Budd Hopkins. From the beginning, in UFO abduction incidents, aliens have shown an interest in human reproduction, he noted.

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In 1983 Ron Lakis, on behalf of KPIX TV in San Francisco, produced ‘The UFO Experience’ which, almost 30 years later, still contains some of the best evidence on the subject. J. Allen Hynek, Peter A Gersten, Richard Haines, Bruce Maccabee, Tom Page, and John Scheussler are featured. Betty Cash, Vicky and Colby Landrum, Shannon Davis, Joseph Del Duca, and Carole Del Duca present the evidence. Narrated by Peter Coyote.

an hour-long documentary created by San Francisco TV station KPIX, directed by Ron Lakis. Features interviews with Colby Landrum, Betty Cash, Vickie Landrum, Dr. V. B. Shenoy, John Schuessler and Major Dennis Haire of Ellington AFB. Also, of note is an on-scene recreation of the incident by the witnesses, with a small commercial helicopter playing the role of the UFO.

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