Alien Grey Abduction experience


I had originally 4 videos that I had documented of this entire experience, but unfortunately a day or two later I had an odd issue occur with my computer that caused me to have to reformat my entire computer and lose my data. This video was the third out of the four explaining the whole event that had happened about a month ago, like around the second week of November.

What is really weird about these experiences is you tend to completely forget them like they never happened very quickly right after they occur, or like they were just almost like a silly dream because of how surreal it was in a sense and you quickly begin to lose memories of the details.

Having had these type of experiences occur to me before, I documented immediately so this would not happen and tried to tell a friend about it to relay it back to me in the future to help keep the memories of the event. Unfortunately even doing that the computer issued occurred and lost almost all of my recorded data about the event. I figured it would be somewhat useful to at least upload what I had anywho since it still contained some interesting information I felt.

**Update** Check out my response to Jesse Sulam down below (towards the very bottom) in the comments for a more detailed explanation to what the entities’ physical appearance looked like.

Date: August 17, 2015

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