Area 51 documentary: reality or myth? The truth behind Dreamland.


Area 51 documentary: reality or myth? The truth behind Dreamland.

“Groom lake”, “Dreamland” or “Area 51” is America’s most secured, most clandestine military installation, Area 51. The desert land lies north in Nevada, there are no cities, only Nellis airforce place. For fighter pilot’s training in Nellis sky is the limit, with one unqualified exception, no one, no matter what their level of security clearance is allowed to fly at any time or any altitude in the airspace designated R-4808 which is called “Dream land”, where is assumed lies Area 51.

For about a quarter of a century, Area 51 has remained a secret, the government denies its existence, there are several signs made by the military prevent anyone from entering, photographing, sketch, or even look behind this point on, and motion detecting devices set alarms for moving trespassers, the base is impenetrable.

But exactly what is investigating the area 51 base camp? What is the government hiding? What projects could possible require such intense security? The answer remains one of America’s biggest mysteries.

Even the people who worked inside the Area 51 don’t know what every project running is about, they are all “black” projects from a “black” budget. Even now we know very little about this black projects.
Rumors about UFOs and saucer’s activity started in the late 70’s with Bob Lazar, with a series of interviews, where he claimed to have worked there. He said there were reports about alien cadavers, technology that doesn’t even exist.

This documentary also explores other options as in what lies inside the Area 51.

How area 51 works

Area 51’s Secrets

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Date: August 18, 2015

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