AREA 51: The Gate That Lets You In (edited version)


This film is a documented trip by four individuals to the gate of Area 51. The events in this film are completely authentic. Unfortunately, not all aspects of the trip were filmed due to many sketchy situations while in the small town of Rachel, Nevada and while driving on the 13 mile Groom Lake Road. Please watch in the highest quality available on YouTube.
(edited by @Thethetourist07)

** EQUIPMENT USED: four (4) Apple iPhone 4 devices, two (2) Kodak ZxD cameras, one (1) Hague Mini Motion-Cam (MMC).

** NOTE: The video footage in the first one minute and forty-nine seconds (01:49) is not our own footage. It was utilized from the YouTube video titled “Breaching Area 51” as it was inspiration to film our own expedition to the gate of Area 51. However, the titles and photos that appear within this stated time frame of the footage belong to us. All footage after the above stated time frame belong to us as well.

** DISCLAIMER: There is no intended copyright infringement with the music used within this film. The songs that were utilized in the film include:

– Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann) by Tool from the album 10,000 Days
– Half Light II (No Celebration) by Arcade Fire from the album The Suburbs

Date: August 18, 2015

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