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Thirdphaseofmoon discusses a major story that made headlines around the world: CIA acknowledges Area 51! Blake Cousins & Dr. J Andy Ilias discuss the implications of such a statement. Are we closer to disclosure? What is at Area 51? Is the CIA admitting to Area 51 simply because it’s old news & a new base houses technologies? That & more were on this edition of Thirdphaseofmoon radio with talk of the presidents, former & current, roles in keeping Area 51 going. Also, we had a caller with some new amazing footage! She discusses what she saw & we show that footage plus more new footage, right here on the worlds largest UFO YouTube channel.

Andrew US Marine Investigates Area 51 Footage Provided to Thirdphaseofmoon! Watch Source Youtube Channel usmc4hire If

Galactic Guru UFO (saucer) Derby ..UK 12/08/2013

Ayubi Schmidt UFO´S over Copenhagen 31.07.2013 (2/2)

ChevyDMuzic Boynton Beach, FL.

Lorayne Souders Lorayne Souders PA Video

Jeremy Thomas Miami UFO Fleet

Victor Cervantes ufo lights Gresham Oregon july 28 2013

Music Tracks By Paul Barret Kvfive and Eivind Bjordal

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Date: August 18, 2015

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