CherryPatch Alien Abduction UHC ~ Episode 8


Welcome to the CherryPatch Alien Abduction UHC!!!! This is first and foremost a standard UHC. This means that natural regen is off, the only way of healing is by golden apples and potions. There is no strip or branch mining. Digging down at an angle is fine and you can dig toward sounds, but please do not branch or strip mine. CherryPatch has also adopted the Keep Inventory rule, so when you die you keep your stuff. Just know that going into a fight you will NOT get loot from the fallen! We also turn the Nether off, portals will not work. We also have a spread command that will give 1 minute of Health Regen and 1 minute of Food Saturation. The spread command also makes sure that the time will be set to day upon spread.

NOW for the Alien Abduction part! Aliens are out to get you!!!! Every morning after the first day you will be abducted by aliens and they will do HORRIBLE experiments on you!!! When they drop you off in the morning you will have some small benefits and a few small, um… issues… You will see. Just know that when you are released back into the world you will NOT be where you were picked up! If you leave items in a chest or furnace it will remain there when the aliens take you! Be warned!!!

Reddit post (Has all video links):

Team White:
Tebbie – forever alone

Team Black:
Golden Penguin

Team Dark Blue:
TaterTotGamer (GTT)
Dminer – You’re watching him! 😀

Team Dark Gray:
Core –

Team Green:
Humansonfire (Rick/Em) –
PG –
Yirgg –

Team Dark Purple:
Kassuhday –
Skullring –
imafool (Taz) –

Team Light Gray:
Studz –

Intro music (made by CoreXion):
“Attack of the Mole Men”
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Date: August 17, 2015

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