Crop Circle Mystery with A FIELD FULL OF SECRETS


Crop Circle documentary A FIELD FULL OF SECRETS is shared by director Charles Maxwell, who explores the ongoing mysteries, sacred geometry, and possible extraterrestrial connection in this interview. We look at the film trailer, and explore the energetic residue in the fields, as well as the hoaxers and fakers that have been used to explain away the phenomenon. Is it possible to decode a meaning from crop circles? Are these connected to sacred sites on planet Earth? Michael Parker asks the questions on an uncensored episode of Antidote.

Charles Maxwell was born in London. Maxwell attended Southern Methodist University in Texas for seven years and graduated with a degree in English. He attended graduate school somewhere in Colorado, but dropped out of the program because his professors were “Neanderthals.” “A Field Full of Secrets” is his first film.

Antidote Playlist on Youtube:

00:00 Welcome Charles Maxwell to Antidote.
00:46 Maxwell’s film A Field Full of Secrets.
01:40 Maxwell’s original approach to studying crop circles.
02:45 The Pi Crop Circle and it’s significance.
06:45 The Milk Hill Crop Circle.
07:51 Video: A Field Full of Secrets Trailer
10:40 Growing up near crop circles but having little knowledge about them.
12:26 Crop circles and sacred sites.
14:40 The energy in crop circles.
16:25 What is a blown node?
18:45 Residual energy in the real crop circles affecting technology.
21:15 Peter Sorenson and others creating fake crop circles.
24:15 Busting hoaxers in the fields.
26:05 How do people have time to create elaborate crop circles?
28:44 Nikola Romanski decoding crop circles.
32:05 What did Romanski study that got her into crop circles?
34:22 A dangerous amount of electricity being used.
37:40 The humor in A Field Full of Secrets.
43:10 Maxwell’s relationship with Dax Phelan.
48:33 What’s next for Maxwell?
49:22 Thank you and goodbye.

Date: August 18, 2015

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