Greatest NASA Secret Exposed – Gale Crater is a City! remastered 2014


Dear friends and enemies,

This is a much improved version of Mars TV Channel’s Gale Crater 2-D video of November 2011, which was the first 2-D digital flight simulation ever to cover Gale Crater. The very first was our 3-D video of another part of the crater.

Many Gale Crater flight simulations have since followed, with increasingly more detail showing. However, most of the videos were done in 3-D, as 2-D imaging wasn’t sufficient to show depth, which is crucial to distinguish the ruined structures from naturally formed formations and rock.

Now that Mars Photo Imaging has perfected the development of its Extreme Resolution Interplanetary Imaging Process, or ERIIM, I’m able to use it to sufficiently bring out the details in 2-D.

This video goes back to the beginning of the development of ERIIM, and as such does not demonstrate this clarity yet.

It’s a prelude to what’s coming next: A completely new flight simulation to demonstrate the vast ruins of this bygone Martian civilization in detail.

However, funding for the project is severely lacking, and therefore I call upon our loyal viewers and subscribers to consider a small donation at to assure Mars TV Channel’s survival and continued production of unprecedented Mars ancient civilization flight simulations – to keep on showing you the reality on the Red Planet!

Thank you for your support,

Freyk John Geeris
Mars imaging wizard

Copyright 2011- 2014 F.J. Geeris / Rosemarie Geeris All rights reserved

Music credits: “Maid with the Flaxen hair” by Richard Stoltzman, a classic piece, and “Sleep Away”, a Jazz composition by the fabulous Bob Acri.

Source image: NASA / JPL

Date: August 18, 2015

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