Jim Sparks alien abduction part 3/13



Filmed on Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Abductee Jim Sparks is one of the most intriguing voices on the UFO scene today. His book, The Keepers, relates his experiences with a variety of alien entities over an eighteen year period. The book features an Introduction by America’s pre-eminent abduction researcher, the late Dr. John Mack. Sparks has an unprecedented 90% recall rate for his abduction experiences, with no reliance on hypnosis. Art Bell called his marathon radio interview with Sparks in December of 2006, ” Clearly the best abductee interview we’ve ever done.” Sparks was leading a normal life as a successful and happily married business executive when his life was turned upside down by his abduction experiences. Initially very fearful and angry, he did everything in his power to resist and thwart the efforts of his captors. As things progressed, however, Sparks’ attitude toward the aliens deepened in complexity as he underwent training in ET symbol recognition and went through exercises designed to enhance his ability to communicate telepathically. Over time, Sparks relationship with the aliens relaxed somewhat, as began to better understand the purpose of their visits here and their intentions toward humanity. During this riveting talk, Jim Sparks will tell you about his epic journey and the nature of the Keepers’ message for us.

Biographical Information
Born in 1954, Jim Sparks spent his early years in Florida. He studied real estate at a community college there and after that, began working for a major condominium firm. In 1979, his company transferred him to Houston, Texas. After 12 year, he went out on his own and started his own company, J&J Properties, a natural land development company that operated mostly in North Carolina. A conservationist at heart, he made efforts to remove as few trees as possible from the land used in his development projects. At 34 years old, Sparks’ relatively mundane life was changed forever when he began having encounters with otherworldly beings in 1988. At first, he thought these unexplained incidents were simply very vivid dreams. After eighteen years of interaction with these beings, Sparks’ attitude has changed from one of resistance to one of cooperation. He feels it is important for him to share his experiences with others. Now 53, Jim Sparks lives in Las Vegas, Nevada where until recently, he ran a debt consolidation company. Like many of us, he’s concerned about the declining health of the planet. His favorite environmental campaign is work being done by the Nature Conservancy to preserve critical rainforest in the Atlantic Forest region of South America.

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Date: August 17, 2015

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