LAZAR WAS RIGHT Area 51/S4 Found! Part 1


Check out my new S4 video released 7/13/15 Area 51/S4 Found! SEEING IS BELIEVING

This video was discussed on Coast to Coast on Nov. 23, 2014 with host George Knapp and guest Bob Lazar. It is linked on there website to that show. It is accurate.

When watching this video, remember the hangars were designed to be hard to find. Lazar said the hangars had a sand textured coating to blend in with the mountains and desert floor. Even though the hangars are extremely well camouflaged, a faint outline is visible.

I suspect when S4 was built, a slight ridge was created between the hangar doors. Those ridges are visible on many of the hangars. The ridges appear as straight vertical lines between the tacks. It is important to focus on the lines (ridges) between the tacks, not on the tacks themselves.

If your still having problems seeing the lines (ridges), lean back a little and or tilt your screen. Distance and angle makes a difference.

Go to Google Earth and try for yourself. The hangars on the right are the easiest to see. Go to those hangars, put in a few tacks and go from there. You will see. The hangars are there.

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Date: August 18, 2015

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