Man Escapes Alien Abduction Caught On Video


Alien Abduction Attack Human Caught On Video
et ET Humanoid
Some boys playing soccer at midnight and an alien appears behind in a light pole and tries to take or abduct one, And it’s all captured on a cell phone.…

This entity is extremely thin with an extension arm over 1 meter long and is gray.
Perhaps appears from a portal and is not only the back is impossible for the alien hide in a post as it would be too thin, so it is quite probable that the alien opened a portal and from there try to abduct people .
飞碟 飞碟 ユーフォー 飞碟 飞碟 ユーフォー 飞碟ユーフォー天使エンジェルНЛО ドラゴン drago дракон метеор メテオ Meteor 流星
The March 20, 2005, after 2 am, three youths were playing with a ball in the Division of the Park, in the city of Merida, while video is recorded on a cell phone when he accidentally captured images of a Extraterrestrial course
飞天仿人机器人 飛天仿人機器人 HUMANOIDS VOLANTS
उड़ान humanoids UÇAN lardan FLYING ανθρωποειδές
الطائر له مواصفات البشر FLYING 인간형
پرواز ربات های انسان نما Гуманоиды FLYING
The images show young people play, suddenly the ball out of their hands, when one of them (David Spade), decided to go for it, while Jose Alonso continued to register the images, suddenly appeared a long arm that tried to capture, but he (David Spade) escaped.

Date: August 17, 2015

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