MrCati Observes and Decodes the 1st UK Crop Circle of 2015


The first Crop Circle of 2015 has been officially noted, and reported upon by the Crop Circle Connector and its contributing members.

While the first Crop Circle of 2015 lacks the intricate detail seen in many Crop Circles, the design noted, contains a hidden and coded set of dates, that I will show in this report to be current to the ritual code and numbers, that I have been following and reporting upon.

This report and this Crop Circle will once again bring attention to the date of 09-24 and the fact that it is a prophetic date, associated with an impact in the Atlantic Ocean, by an Asteroid of immense size. It is this impact disaster that the Crop Circle alludes to, and since the code is the very source of this observation, I will present the observations and coded findings for your own consideration and review.

Background Sources and Links:
Crop Circle Connector and the 04-09-15 Crop Circle

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Date: August 17, 2015

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