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The video shows real footage of U.F.O’s taken by NASA Astronauts during their various Space Shuttle missions orbiting the earth.

It also includes footage of the deployment of the experimental Tethered Satellite System, on Sunday February 25, 1996.

Unfortunately the tether broke and the deployment failed, however interesting video data was recorded showing U.F.O’s which NASA later passed off as space debris.

The NASA footage shown was obtained by a cable television company in Vancouver, BC.

Originally one of the company’s satellites picked up NASA feeds that they recorded on VHS tape which then ended up in the hands of Martin Stubbs, who managed the company.

Martin spent over 2,500 hours recording and logging thousands of hours of NASA Space Shuttle transmissions, and has dedicated his life to disclose the truth.

Because the video is only a small portion of Martin’s work, you will have to examine Martin’s own You Tube Channel called ‘Martin Stubbs’ to view over 200 more NASA U.F.O transmission videos.

The video is dedicated to those who seek the truth.

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Date: August 18, 2015

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