NASA Warp Drive Project – “Speeds” that Could Take a Spacecraft to Alpha Centauri in Two Weeks


Results of his Alcubierre Drive rethink:

Icarus Interstellar

Michio Kaku dubbed Alcubierre’s notion a “passport to the universe.” It takes advantage of a quirk in the cosmological code that allows for the expansion and contraction of space-time, and could allow for hyper-fast travel between interstellar destinations. Essentially, the empty space behind a starship would be made to expand rapidly, pushing the craft in a forward direction — passengers would perceive it as movement despite the complete lack of acceleration.

Scientists speculate that such a drive could result in “speeds” that could take a spacecraft to Alpha Centauri in a mere two weeks — even though the system is 4.3 light-years away.

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100 Year Starship project

Results of his Alcubierre Drive rethink:

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Date: August 18, 2015

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