PLANET X – NIBIRU Crop Circles Tell ARRIVAL Date & Its NOT GOOD NEWS 2015


Crop Circles Decoded & Tell the PLANET X – Nibiru Arrival Date – Nibiru Planet X Timeline , This is SUPERB and A MUST WATCH Produced by Anu Proph this excellent Presentation shows what all these years the crop circles have been Warning us .
Do The Leaders have a Genius like “Anu” on there team ? as this timeline is near our own other predictions but earlier than we figured and ties in with all the world Leaders preparing for something ? Is this what they have also known all along?
I thank Anu for the mass of work and being so skilful in this presentation as i rate amongst the slickest video and technical skill
production i have ever seen on Planet X. so thanks again Anu and PEOPLE Sub him here —
As he is working on more Decodings !! I for one wait eagerly.
Finally —- BE WARNED Check here — & check out Protect Yourselves !!!! & our NEW Mobile Users website is live on line. This website is additional to our existing and worth having on speed dial.
“Finding The Balance”-“Full On”-“HitMan”-“Arcane”-“Redletter”-“Undaunted” by Kevin Macloud

Date: August 17, 2015

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