Project Mogul Alien Autopsy ☢ Roswell UFO Crash Incident Reunion ✪ Holloman Air Force Base


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Thursday May 5, 2015 (May 5, 2015) 05/5/2015
Roswell Alien Slides

Richard Dolan and Jaime Maussan discuss the Roswell Alien Slides revealed for the first time today!

Project Mogul Alien Autopsy ★ Roswell UFO Crash Incident Reunion ✦ Holloman Air Force Base YouTube Playlist

Department of Defense. Department of the Air Force. Office of the Secretary. Office of the Administrative Assistant. Office of the Deputy for Security and Special Investigative Programs. Research Declassification Team. (1987)

ARC Identifier 2789136 / Local Identifier 341-ROSWELL-18.
This video recording contains interviews with Robert Shirkey, Walt Haut, and others concerning the Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) crashes at Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947.

Made possible by a donation from Joanmarie Diggs.

The “Roswell Incident” involved a supposed Alien aircraft crash landing outside Roswell in July 1947, according to The Guardian. The incident began to gain global traction when conspiracy theorists claimed the U.S. military had captured the spaceship, but officials continued to insist that the incident was just debris recovered from a top secret surveillance balloon.

UFO enthusiasts continued to claim that the U.S. Government had covered up the incident, and London-based entrepeneur Ray Santilli said that he gathered film footage of government officials performing an autoposy on one of the aliens captured in the Roswell crash landing. The movie “Alien Autoposy” was released in 2006 as a recreation of what Santilli said were real events.

The U.S. Air Force released a 231 page report about the Roswell Crash in June 1997 to ease the conspiracy theories of aliens. The report said that the “Alien bodies” reportedly seen at the crash sight were actually life-sized test dummies from the surveillance balloon.

Papers obtained through the Freedom of Information Act that date from this time period are consistent with the explanation that a Mogul Balloon with a radar reflector was what Mac Brazel found. Yet… It is the stories that surfaced some 30 to 40 years later, conflicting though they are, that have riveted the attention of the public. These tales have been buttressed by accusations of a massive Government Conspiracy to account for contradictions with the initial reports.

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Roswell UFO Crash in 1947

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