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Rod Serling Documentary ★ Proof of Extraterrestrial Life Undeniable UFO Evidence ♦ It has Begun YouTube Playlist

Rod Serling Documentary
UFO Documentary It Has Begun – Narrated by Rod Serling 1979. Written by Robert Emenegger

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UFO – UFO’s – It Has Begun Rod Serling, Jacques Vallee

Undeniable Evidence
The film was produced by Allan F. Sandler, directed by Ray Rivas and written by well known UFO researcher Robert Emenegger, who also composed the musical score.

Proof of Alien Life
There is a treasure trove of rarely, if ever, seen historical footage and interviews with some significant individuals and witnesses. It is long, but if you have an interest in this subject it is decidedly worth the watch.

Proof of Extraterrestrial Life
It is said that there was US Government co-operation in the production of this film… and that claim is evidenced by the inclusion of interesting interview footage filmed inside the Pentagon. That interview is with Colonel Bill Coleman, Chief of Public Information for the US Air Force from 1969 to 1974.

UFOs Past Present and Future 1974
The film was originally released in 1974 as UFOs: Past, Present and Future with Rod narrating. It won a Golden Globe Award. This is the updated version released in 1979 with the new title.

Rod Serling UFOs
This is well done UFO documentary, infusing it with his inimitable style. Not only that, it also features Dr. Jacques Vallee; and two other very nice people, Mr. José Ferrer and… Mr. Burgess Meredith!

UFO Evidence
The Holloman AFB UFO landing event was featured in Robert Emenegger’s/Alan Sandler’s 1974 documentary ‘UFO’s: Past, Present and Future’, and in an updated 1979 version ‘UFOs: It Has Begun’. These documentaries were both narrated by Rod Serling. Towards the end of the documentary, a ‘what if’ scenario was presented to the viewer about a landing that could happen in the future, or perhaps already could have happened…

Extraterrestrial Life
There was more comprehensive, high-level cooperation from the DoD for the production of one particularly unusual film, though — the documentary, UFOs: Past, Present and Future (1974), which considered the extra-terrestrial hypothesis in a much more serious light. The film’s director, Robert Emenegger, was given unprecedented access to DoD facilities, including the highly sensitive Holloman Air Force Base and the Pentagon itself. “The Secretary of the Air Force [Robert Seamans] gave the order to co-operate,” explained the director, who was granted time with highranking military officers apparently well-versed in UFO-related matters, among them Colonel William Coleman, a former spokesman for Project Blue Book, and Colonel George Weinbrenner, then head of Foreign Technology at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

Alien Documentary
The film even included a detailed reconstruction of what Emenegger claims the USAF told him was a real extraterrestrial landing at Holloman Air Force Base in 1971, complete with artistic renderings of the alleged aliens.

UFO Proof
The USAF even provided Emenegger with a few seconds of footage showing what appeared to be an unusual, bright object descending slowly and vertically over the base. These frames, Emenegger claims, were taken from the “genuine” Alien landing footage and officially authorised for use in his completed documentary, which, in line with a 49th Parallel.

UFOs It Has Begun!

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