The Mobius Twist, A Sci-Fi Story of Alien Abduction


A science fiction story of alien abduction and a threat to the human race from aliens who come from a dead planet deep in the galactic universe.

The ultimate destruction of earth and the human race will be the consequences, if a group of young adventurers fail in a final experiment being conducted by the extraterrestrials.

The experiment has been designed to test whether human life is actually worth preserving or whether the human race is incapable of learning from its past mistakes. Can humans learn or will they continue to abuse and kill each other, much as they have done for the past 1000 years or more.

The judgement will be formed based on the behavior of some young misfits caught up in a tsunami off the coast of New Zealand who, in their efforts to escape the tsunami, enter the alien’s underground tunnel complex. Not realizing that it is trap set to draw them into the very last human experiment.

It really is the last chance for humanity!

Date: August 17, 2015

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