The Roswell Slides | Be Witness Fiasco in ALL its GLORY!


Roswell Slides….

Is Jaime Maussan a genius? millions of PPVs for the live streaming, 7.000 in attendance, +books, +documentary, +experts like Dolan catched into the scheme, and *ALL* with a 1940s SLIDE of a Mummy in a museum!!!!

I believe the ROSWELL case is real, i believe theres presence and contact actually and in the past, with aliens.


Why in the world they would keep an Alien body in that setting? and WITH A PLACARD on it??? that only happens in a museum, WHY they would keep (in a SECRET Cia/NSA/Military instalation) an alien body exhibited in the way it shows the SLIDE?
makes no sense…

Not to mention that if it were an alien body, which it isn’t, you want it sealed just in case of a potential virus or germ issue.

But as we can see many well known, even famous investigators of the alien issue, have believed this…. giving prestige and publicity to a fraudulent event… now their credibility is now in ashes…

Now lets remember another hit from the Maussan Archives,
1996 – Maussan on Mexican TV with Jonathan Reed, the man who
killed an Alien in a Forest and took the body home:

Date: August 18, 2015

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