Top UFO Sightings Incredible Accounts Of Bizarre Encounters & Missing Time! Full Length 2013


The Alien Abduction Experiment 4 Callers Live on Thirdphaseofmoon Radio from Around the world All have One Thing in Common, Missing Time! What is the Phenomenon of Time Disturbance?

Watch The Alien Abduction Diaries Entire Documentary For Free Click Link!

Watch The Alien Human Project Click Link! Permission granted to Thirdphaseofmoon from the Executive Producer Citizen Hearing Stephen Bassett.

Watch Now The Entire Film “Sirius” Click Link!!/deployment_code=68884729mltvst

Stan Romanek Famous Alien Abductee Wakes Up Neighborhood To Witness A UFO! Incredible Footage! Captured September 6, 2013 Colorado! Visit Stan’s Website!

Hear the entire interview about Area 51 with whistleblower Ron Gardner here And listen in & call into our live Third Phase of Moon radio show

Exclusive Breaking News UFO Crash Wilmington Ohio! September 27, 2013 Callers Into Thirdphaseofmoon Witness Massive Event!

Music Paul Barrett Kvfive

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Date: August 18, 2015

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