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KGB Secret, UFO Documentary, UFO’s Secret Evidence, Alien Encounters.
Part. 1 and 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-EI_JwUi3o

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They supposedly flew through the air in flying “boats” and brought laws and wisdom to man through a royal line of Pharaohs. And of course, this was all thrown out the window when Christianity came along. Keep in mind that the Gods were the one and only ‘religion’ that there was. No other conflicting beliefs? Why? Well because it was fact, not faith. The modern church would have you believe that’s it’s just a myth. But you have to ask yourself on the edge of Occam razor, what truly indeed is more likely?
There has always been the question …how did the Egyptians feed and care for the 100,000’s slaves that it would have taken to build the ancient structures like that of the pyramids in Egypt? One minute it is a very backwards country and almost over night a highly advanced and technological culture sprung into existence. We now have the answer to that very question..and evidence that the Egyptians had help..Extraterrestial help at that! Thanks to Russia,the KGB and a top secret project called Project Isis!

Astro physicist , neurologist and science advisor in advanced propulsion system gained access to the files of Project Isis. This was a top secret project brought about by KBG concerning the discovery of the Tomb of the Visitor in 1961.

This video is a a powerful documentary with actual footage filmed by the KGB and verified by specialists in the fields for SCI-FI to be authentic film footage. If we can somehow bring attention back on Project Isis and prove it out, it will change the history of the beginning of the civilization of man.

During the Cold War, Nikita Khrushchev was determined to show the world that communism was superior over the democracy. As he realized that it would be too costly to compete with the U.S. in the space race, Kruschev chose to go the other route. The KGB was ordered to investigate less costly means for technical advancement and superiority. Having over 300,000 agents in his secret police and espionage organizations he focused most of this resource on alternative science, such as paranormal phenomenon, pschotrometic weapons, biogenerators and mind altering machines.

In the 1920’s, during the Stalanist Regime, a ‘dark room’ was created where the KGB conducted pschotronic weapons research on prisoners sentenced to die and political desidents. After 1936 these files were transferred to the secret archives of the KGB, continuing on with their paranormal research. Khrushchev achieved great success with his biogenerators and machines to alter human minds, which worried, naturally, the United States, knowing that the Soviet Union was there to conquer and over throw.

Russia, being that is borders surrounded the largest land mass of the world, had the largest amount of ufo sightings. If they could capture one of these flying objects and reverse engineer it they could have the greatest advance aeronautical designs.

They got lucky in January 1986 when a space craft crashed in Dalnegorsk but remained intact. The craft was back engineered and the process was quite successful! But to achieve the most superior advancement and global domination, they went in search for something that was only a rumor or legend…The Chamber of Knowledge in Egypt. If the legends were true, storehouse of knowledge left behind by ancient visitors from outerspace was concealed in the Great Pyramid.

Date: August 18, 2015

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