UFO Sighting After Alien Abduction, North Wales 2014 (CCTV)


Extraordinary CCTV footage of a UFO flying over North Wales. This is the second UFO sighting captured on video in the last week. The footage is believed to show the aliens that abducted a cat from the area. The cat luckily returned unharmed but pet owners have been warned to keep a close eye on any animals that they may have.

North Wales is famous for it UFO sightings but it is the first time that an alien abduction has ever been reported. I have previously captured footage of such an event. I have put a link to the video below.

Alien Sighting and Abduction, North Wales 2014: -IY1k0

This footage was given to me by respected North Wales resident, Kieran Langhorn. He only discovered what had been captured by his CCTV when he heard about the alien abduction of Molly the Cat and decided to inspect it for any unidentified flying objects.

Thank you Kieran for providing the most compelling evidence of extraterrestrial life ever found.

Date: August 17, 2015

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