UFO Sightings 1st Flying Saucer Reported On Main Media! Historic Event!


Thirdphaseofmoon radio had a special interview with 2 of ufology’s greatest pioneers for the modern world. On June 27, 1947, Kenneth Arnold saw 9 crescent shape craft near Mt. Ranier in Washington, which the press coined the term “flying saucer” for the first time. Not even 2 weeks later, the GREATEST ufo event occurred: Roswell. Why the greatest? It is the ONLY time the government actually admitted to capturing a flying saucer. The late Jesse Marcel and Jesse Marcel Jr. were eyewitnesses to the event and knew so much more before they broke the silence. Now Denice Marcel is preserving her father’s and grandfather’s legacy by being the spokeperson for the Marcel family. She has been privy to many secrets growing up and Dr. J got amazing answers from Marcel and Shanz regarding their family members who set off modern ufology. This interview is taken from our weekly thirdphaseofmoon guest show Thursdays 8-10pm ET http://www.revolution-radio.com Studio A, call in number is 818-923-1713 where you can ask the guests questions. And you can follow Dr. J on twitter for updates and for guest requests or to tell your story to thirdphaseofmoon @drjandyilias. The Thursday show Big guests returning and joining us for the first time including Linda Moulton Howe, Dr. Steven Greer, Congressman Merril Cook, Nick Redfern, Travis Walton and Paul Hellyer, just to name a few! Also, from now until the biggest ufo event, contact in the desert, we are giving away 1 ticket per week live on the Thursday show for a total of $5.000 in prizes! 4 people have won so far and there are 4 more tickets up for grabs, 1 per week announced live on thirdphaseofmoon guest show on revolution radio. To enter, go to httip://www.contactinthedesert.com/thirdphseofmoon and then listen for your name to be called and watch for an email from Blake Cousins! Also, remember, YOU are making disclosure happen; send us your videos, call in to tell your story live to Blake Cousins Fridays midnight ET 347-934-0378 (see link below to just listen). Spread the word, keep your eyes in the sky and prove these skeptics wrong! If you want disclosure, be proactive and protest for it, or at the least, share these amazing videos!

unidentified flying object


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Date: August 18, 2015

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