UFO Sightings Are Aliens Breeding ‘Perfect’ Humans? Special Report 2013


Thirdphaseofmoon radio does it again, gets you, the public, to tell their story to you, the world! Thirdphaseofmoon founder, Blake Cousins & Researcher On A Mission, Dr. J. Andy Ilias have an amazing conversation with Dr.Roger Leir who talks about the 17 alien implants he has removed over the years from 16 different people. We talk about the purpose of why these aliens insert these implants, their composition and more. And we also had an amazing caller who shared his incredible story about his alien abductions. This is a must see if you want to get some new info on abductions and why they are happening. Also, check out thirdphaseofmoon’s latest documentary shown right here on youtube for FREE, shot in 1080 HD “Alien Abduction Diaries” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMCCU7Twd6M as well as our other amazing documentary showcasing Dr. Leir and his work (including a look and analysis of these these alien implants),”Alien Human Project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkOxqTzqlGU also out for free here on youtube. Also, this Thursday 7/18/13, we have Stanton Friedman joining us again from 8-10pm eastern standard time (GMT-4) at www.freedomslips.com an we invite you the public to call in, ask Stanton Friedman, Blake Cousins or Dr.J a question or better yet, tell your own ufo story right here on Thirdphaseofmoon radio! Call in during the show at 818-923-1713. If you have captured anything amazing, contact us via skype or facebook at Thirdphaseofmoon and we will see you again next time!

Mars Alien Photo Provided by ProjectUFOs http://www.youtube.com/user/ProjectUFOs
Thirdphaseofmoon 3-D Graphic by Moad Hadi
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Date: August 18, 2015

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