UFO Sightings Malevolent ET’s Implementing A 100 Year Plan To Take Over Earth?


In this exclusive thirdphaseofmoon interview, Dr. J spoke to British ufologist Timothy Good. With 56 years in the field, Good’s contacts are some of the highest one can have. And his research doesn’t disappoint. With so y
many years researching, lecturing & writing, this is only a tidbit of information that is recently revealed in his latest book (Earth: An Alien Enterprise). Everything from malevolent ET’s implementing a 100 year plan to take over earth with their hybrids that began in the 1940’s, to many pilots & astronauts being trained to fly in these ET vehicles that were given to several earth governments & much much more. Timothy Good’s work in the past has been proven accurate in the past several times & he is considered one of the world’s foremost authorities on the subject. Hear this & so much more in this interview. Check out his site at www.timothygood.co.uk & listen to thirdphaseofmoon radio Thursdays 8-10 pm ET on www.revolution-radio.com call in 818-923-1713. Do you have your own UFO story or a comment on a specific video? Tell it directly to Blake Cousins Fridays on thirdphaseofmoon live at www.blogtalkradio.com/thirdphaseofmoon 347-934-0378 & if you have captured anything amazing, contact us via Skype or Facebook at thirdphaseofmoon.

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Date: August 18, 2015

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