UFO Sightings Secrets Tombs Discoverd! Connection With E.T. Erich Von Däniken Explains! 2014


Full Length Exclusive The Connection between The Pyramids and E.T. Thirdphaseofmoon had an exclusive interview with Erich Von Däniken. Keeping up with our exclusive promotion featuring one speaker per week from contact in the desert giving away 1 ticket each week for a total of $5k in prizes! Blake Cousins Dr. J, and Johny Webb asked Erich some awesome questions. Go to http://www.contactinthedesert.com/thirdphaseofmoon to enter to win YOUR ticket this week! The past 2 winners are Carolyn Goyda and Joel Urena. ^ more tickets to go with winner announced weekly on Thirdphaseofmoon guest show Thursdays 8-10pm ET at http://www.revolution-radio.com Studio A and if you hear your name being called as the winner, call in at 818-923-1713. Also, check out Däniken site at http://www.daniken.com and follow Dr. J on Twitter @drjanyilias for updates on the guest show, to take guest requests and for some cool trending Thirdphaseofmoon videos. Also, remember, YOU are the key to disclosure!

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Date: August 18, 2015

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