UFOs and Nuclear Base Shut Down


Part 2

Larry King and guests – with Bill Nighy, the debunker that looks more idiotic each appearance.

Larry King and guests talk about one of the MAJOR exopolitical meme’s:
ie: intelligently operated ET craft have been well documented shutting down missile bases and other such military communications systems.

Many people are not aware that this is a WORLD-WIDE phenomena and it also occurred at the infamous English Rendlesham bases case.

Essentially we are failing to learn the obvious – nuclear weapons affect other species – not just terrestrial ones and thus the rapid increase in UFO/ET sightings over since nuke testing began in the 1940s on. We need to liaise with ethical ET groups in eradicating these weapons from the planet and saving the biosphere.

ET groups have provided advanced technology for cleaning up the biosphere but the above-government groups they traded with failed to live up to their agreements. If these agencies fail in their duty to the species – we need to do it ourselves. Exopolitics is the only field dealing with just this area and although the field has rapidly expanded in the last 5 years – we need your support.

Contact your country’s national group via their website to help – lists can be found at:

Date: August 18, 2015

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