UFOs making Crop Circle Proof ♡


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UFOs from the Light & Love side, over a field in Wiltshire, UK.

This video is to help people to wake up now Before The New Earth..

Negative spirits and alien powers disinform about the true UFO’s of Light. They themselves are also disinformed, or they don’t understand or know about Higher Knowledge.

Neither Negative Aliens nor Spirits from lower dimensions do travel in White Time, the vibrations are too high for their technical military spacecrafts, which therefore use other travel methods.

The Nice ETs and LightBeings etc are helping far more than most understand, but they also have to accept free will and they have not been allowed to interfere much in this reality.


If it was not for the Extraterrestrial ETs from the Light & Love, the Earth would have been gone many times long ago!

They are allowed to give some information and they also do that by many of the beautiful Crop Circles etc.

But even if we know what we should do, it is not always as easy to do it. Sometimes some of us don’t do anything, or we can be manipulated to do negative things by different sorts of mind-control.

The good side can help us, but they are not allowed to live our lives, because we all have a free will and must use our mind to create a better future for Everyone.

It is enough food, it is only some negative forces mind-controlling the reality of matrix to keep it away from the many.

When people suffer, it is not always because they have done anything wrong. Think of the animals who suffer, they have never done anything wrong either. Out there in the Universe, most is so Magnificent and Perfect, for Everyone. But something did go wrong in the Universe also, causing what we think of as pain..

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Date: August 18, 2015

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