Unbelievable Alien Abduction Video of Dec 2010 True Events (Reenactment Short Film HD)


A short film by Mikey Bustos, based on true events of December 2010. It began on the night of December 21st, when I heard a loud buzzing noise outside. I was in my basement. I thought it was a power line outside my home, as they’d been fixing the power lines all day today near my house (and even had to close down a street). When I went outside to look, I remember a flash of light and then suddenly being sucked through this bright tunnel which took the air out of my lungs. I don’t remember reaching the end of the tunnel but I do remember suddenly waking up to a hazy room of beings. This video recounts what happened. If anyone has more information on this experience please feel free to comment or message.

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Date: August 17, 2015

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