Woman Impregnated By Aliens?! UFO ABDUCTION VIDEO 100% Real Footage and Testimony


Contact 2012: http://www.abravenewsworld.com/contact

Is this a true story or an elaborate hoax? Is this Italian woman actually a liar, a hoaxer, or under some sort of mind control? Is she just crazy or is her story true?

What about the alien baby and the pregnancy that she had? What about the doctors and everyone else involved? Are they all part of a scheme to trick youtube into believing in aliens? Is there more to it than what we’re being told?

SOOO many questions.. I do not know the answers, but this sure is an interesting story.

Thank you to whoever the original video uploader is!

The truth is out there…

CONTACT 2012…. http://www.abravenewsworld.com/contact

Date: August 17, 2015

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