UFOs – Nazis and Roswell to the 21st Century with Richard Dolan


UFO truth, from Roswell to Nazi involvement, to the NSA and today is discussed with UFO researcher and author Richard Dolan. Sightings and officially documented experiences, military encounters with flying saucers, and the ongoing conspiracy to keep the phenomenon classified are shared, plus the connection between UFOs, the NSA and a long line of presidents are all disclosed with hot Sean Stone for Buzzsaw.

Richard Dolan is among the world’s leading researchers and historians of the UFO subject. He is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State volumes one and two, as well as an analysis of the future, A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact. He is a regular guest on Coast-to-Coast AM radio, has also appeared on many television specials for The History Channel, SyFy, BBC, and elsewhere. Since 2012, Richard has hosted “The Richard Dolan Show,” airing on KGRA Radio every Saturday evening, from 8-11 pm EST.
In his books, articles, and many interviews, Richard has analyzed the destruction of our political liberties as a result of the UFO cover-up, the possible nature of the non-humans themselves, what their presence means for our civilization, why he believes the cover-up will end within our lifetime, and what is likely to happen after that.

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00:01 Welcome to Buzzsaw.
00:30 Introducing Richard Dolan.
04:00 Dolan discusses foo fighters and German Nazi UFO technology.
08:00 Dolan on the Roswell incident and declassified military documents on UFOs.
14:30 How much do U.S. Presidents know about UFOs and who’s really pulling the strings?
18:10 Top secret MJ-12 documents, Area 51, and conspiracy theories concerning a potential FBI hoax.
25:00 Why are CIA documents on UFOs kept secret by our Presidents and when will they be released?
34:00 Dolan discusses significant accounts of UFO sightings.
40:00 Ancient alien artifacts and pyramids are discussed.
52:10 Thanks and goodbye.

Date: August 18, 2015

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