“The Alien Abduction Diaries” UFO Sightings Best New HD Documentary!


Have You Ever Wondered Why Aliens Abduct People? Or What Happens To The Abducted Humans While They Are On-Board A UFO? In this Exclusive Thirdphaseofmoon Full Documentary shot in full 1080p HD, We asked the Important Questions to Three Abductees, & Expert in ufology, Preston Dennett (mufon researcher of 25 years & author of 17 top-selling books on ufos). We released this Documentary for Free for you, the viewer to enjoy & to invoke those questions that provoke philosophical thought. Blake Cousins hosts this amazing movie & young Jack Graham investigates the incidents of Jacqueline, Dave, Rachel. Also, our very own special correspondent & associate producer, Dr. J Andy Ilias even chimes in. The stories are Amazing & if this phenomenon is true, then what does that say about humanity & what will happen? We hope you enjoy & we leave the verdict with you, the viewer. And if you want to hear more from these abductees, please tell us in the comments! Thirdphaseofmoon 3-D Graphic Intro Provided by Moad Hadi
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Date: August 17, 2015

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